What is Digital Marketing?

You’ve probably read this term before but maybe you still aren’t sure what it is exactly and how it does work. Vijto Media will tell you everything you need to know.

Introduction and Benefits of Digital Marketing

"The best type of Marketing, is Marketing, that doesn't feel like Marketing. You make the people feel like they are part of it"
-Marcus Hopsin

Digital marketing (or online marketing) encompasses all those commercial and advertising actions and strategies on the internet. It has been happening since the 90’s as a way of transferring offline marketing techniques to the digital world. Parallel to the huge amount of development on digital technology, online marketing has been experiencing, very quickly, profound changes both in the technique and tools used and in the possibilities offered to the public.

Extend your reach.

With digital marketing we have at our disposition a series of tools from which small actions can be performed and also complex strategies where infinite amount of resources and techniques can be combined.
digital marketing
Search Engines

The ones like Google or Bing are tools designed to allow internet users to find contents related to what they’re searching for. Search Engine Optimisation can help your site be successfully positioned on the first page of a search engine, boasting the visits to your site without paying an extra dime.

Website or blog

Without a doubt having a website or blog is the principal tool from where you can focus your digital marketing campaign or inbound marketing (digital strategy designed to attract users and convert them into clients through quality and non-intrusive content). Having a site can be used alongside other digital actions to give bigger exposure to a campaign, such as social media. Once you have decided what you want, have in mind you will have to make other decisions, including your web design.

Social Media

As you might have noticed, these platforms have not stopped growing and gaining popularity since they first came out. They have become a vital aspect of any business’ marketing strategy. These platforms are a very efficient way of sharing content. They also work very well with branding and customer service.

Marketing Strategies

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Advantages of Digital Marketing

Get more out of your campaigns.

Digital marketing is an essential marketing strategy for any brand, because of the great growing opportunity it represents and has become one of the best ways to reach new clients. Most potential clients are constantly connected to the internet from a computer, smartphone or tablet. This comes with a great deal of benefits, such as:

  • Online marketing is accessible when it comes to money and budget, especially when compared to the more traditional aspects of marketing, like TV, radio or printed media.
  • Better capacity for control, optimisation and correction of campaigns as you can consult results in real time and make the appropriate changes immediately.
  • Allows you to have an exact measurement of the obtained results, benefits and return on your investment.

Action Plan

After this very short and simple introduction you can now have a clearer idea of what is digital marketing and what it entails. Also as you might have noticed, with Vijto Media, you won’t need to worry about these things, because we are experienced and capable to help you with every aspect of the marketing strategy you need.

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