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Since the start of our journey in 2012, we have taken on projects and gained much needed experience which allowed us to grow and become the preferred agency around town. So if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy firm, you have found the ideal fit for you here.


Besides our wonderful charm, we have an exceptional background, consisting of both business and creative skills, differentiating us from most multimedia firms. We bring the instinctive business mindset while constructing creative and vibrant logos and other devices of visual communication. This competitive advantage allows us to bring both an artistic design focus as well as a practical mindset, adding value to our service offerings by creating solutions that have both creative elements merged with rational, business ideas. Very useful since our clients are more business oriented.

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Journey of our brand

Always strive for better work. Never stop

Brand Evolution

From Past to Present

Since the conception of our brand, we have undergone a few vital transformations. Here is our journey from our first brand identity to the current.

The Genesis

Opened our doors for the fist time with this brand identity.

The Exodus

First Birthday celebration and logo upgrade.

The Rebirth

Rebrand and reinvention of our brand and offerings.

Why Choose us

Vijto Media has years of experience making sure all clients receive the best services possible, adjusted to their needs and designed to stand out. We are prepared to handle most aspects of digital marketing for you, to help you and your business achieve best potential.