Social media platforms have not stopped growing until they now have become part of our everyday life. It is safe to say almost everyone has at least one social media account. For this reason, these platforms are an important part of any digital marketing strategy. Marketing on them represents a much lower cost compared to other digital and traditional media. In addition to being affordable, the segmentation they offer is specific and accurate, which allow you to reach your target audience fast, making the brand more relevant.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Simply put, an adequate social media management with a marketing strategy adapted to your business is the key for its growth.
social media marketing

Reach your audience
To be successful with social media management it is essential to develop a strategy aligned to the marketing objectives of the company. You must reach all your audience through different channels and generate greater interaction with users, to achieve greater dissemination of your brand for its quality.

The Benefits
Social media strategies are mainly developed to improve interaction with the target audience, to offer post-sale service to customers, to keep them aware of upcoming promotions, activities or events, to improve search engine positioning of the company’s website and thus increase the traffic of potential customers.

Connect with your audience

The main social media platforms (channels) used for developing marketing strategies are
  • Facebook: It’s a dynamic platform designed to share with friends, so communications must be in the same spirit, using a friendly tone, entertaining and at the same time providing fresh information about the products or services offered.
  • LinkedIn: It’s the largest professional network in the world. A key tool for exchanging academic or business content. Through design and creativity you can communicate your message in an orderly manner.
  • Twitter: The content is categorised in #hashtags, a ranking with the most talk about topics of the day. Twitter can be great for interacting with customers if used correctly. The key? Generating specific content for this network with creative and engaging tweets, taking advantage of the Trending Topics, and the Followers numbers will increase,
  • Instagram: A dynamic and youthful social network with more than a 150 million daily users. A extremely visual platform that allows you to show your brand in a more humane way and get close to your audience. Here, the image is everything.
  • Google My Business: Nowadays we can know any place from a smartphone or tablet without physically going there. This is a new opportunity for the meeting between thousands and thousands of users and a wide range of products and services. If your business doesn’t appear on this amazing world map, it’s invisible to all these users.
We know that a good social media management with the right marketing strategy is key to the growth of your business, and we are experienced and capable of giving it that digital boost it needs.

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